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Internet Service

Sarker Communication (ISP Zonal South-east zone).Covering our network with NTTN

IPTSP Service

Sarker Communication is providing IPTSP Service for Zonal Area. We have also IPPBX solution for small and medium business. We also develop Virtual office networking system for corporate office.


Sarker Communication is providing company to ensure Zonal network. To ensure seamless connectivity, NTTN service providers or backbone of telephone network were used where applicable. Sarker Communication built its own network infrastructure where no other options were available to increase coverage.


Our Package Details.

Internet Package 4Mbps (Shared)
Internet Package 5Mbps (Shared)
Internet Package 10Mbps (Shared)
Internet Package 15Mbps(Shared)
Internet Package 20Mbps(Dedicated)
Internet Package 25Mbps(Dedicated)
Internet Package 30Mbps(Dedicated with RealIP)
Internet Package 40Mbps(Dedicated with RealIP)
Internet Package 50Mbps(Dedicated with RealIP)


Sarker Communication.

Our Amazing Team


Al Mamun

Management Head


Sayed Wari Mahamud

Chief Technical Advisor


Md Amran Ali Sarkar

System Developer

Contact Us

Address:- 05, B-Baria School Market, Brahmanbaria.

Address:- House No. 323-00, Madrasa Road, Kandipara, Brahmanbaria.

ISP_Support. isp@sarkercommunicaiton.com

IPTSP_Support. iptsp@sarkercommunicaiton.com

Cell- 09649 000005, 09649 242526, Whatsapp +8801884 125575

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